What if you could eat delicious food, feel satisfied, AND lose weight?

Are you LOST when it comes to knowing how to fit fun foods into your macros? Have you started tracking, but find yourself eating the same thing over and over and over again and bored out of your MIND?! Or find that you have to cook two meals–one for you and one for your family. (The dishes and TIME add up QUICK!)

I GET IT. I've BEEN THERE and it sucked! I was like wait….what's the point of this whole macro thing if I can't use it for what it's intended for–to fit FUN foods into my macros once in awhile?!?!

That's why I decided to create my Macro Friendly Recipe ebook.  I put in 40 of my favorite recipes (with macros listed of course!) that I've used over the past 2 years while tracking macros-and they're ALL husband approved 😉

My Macro Friendy Recipe Ebook is for you if you are:

BORED of eating the same foods over and over again Not sure how to cook dinners for your family and stick to your macros at the same time Want specific macro nutrient calculations for some classic favorite dinner items (Hello meatloaf and chicken parm!) Want easy to make low carb/high protein recipes Want easy to make moderate carb recipes Want easy to make, on the go snacks  Want easy to make on the go breakfasts and lunches Want dinners that your family will LOVE (and not realize is healthy for them) Want healthier versions of foods you love Want VARIETY in your food Want to STICK to your macros (variety is KEY to keep you feeling satisfied and like you're not on a diet!) Sick of feeling STUCK!

My Story

Hi! My name is Meg and I am a newlywed travel junkie who has a passion for health, wellness, and helping women truly find their passion and live their life to the freakin fullest!

I used to be a classic “yo-yo dietier” and had an all or nothing mentality which made me feel like I was ALWAYS falling off the bandwagon on the weekends.

In 2016 I introduced flexible dieting into my life and it's truly helped me find that “balance” we all strive for and fit in “fun foods” while still reaching my fitness goals and focusing on overall health.

I want to help other women realize they CAN get into the best shape of their lives without gadgets or quick fixes, and have a healthy LIFESTYLE while still having fun.  I'm obsessed with: travel, wine, chocolate, peanut butter, my nieces and nephews, and singing <3

The LEFT of this picture is from January 2016, and the RIGHT is from December 2016 right before my wedding.  The only thing I changed was introducing flexible dieting and counting macros.  It has been a blessing, and I hope these recipes (all of which I used in 2016!) help you keep flexible dieting and counting macros FUN! You don't have to eat grilled chicken and asparagus to reach your fitness goals, and this recipe book will prove that 🙂 If you use any of the recipes on social media please use the hashtag #megsmacros so I can see it! Happy Cooking =)

In Macro Friendly Recipe Ebook, You'll Get (with all macros listed!)

40 Total Recipes:

  • 5 Low Carb/High Protein Breakfast Recipes

  • 5 Moderate Carb/Moderate Protein Breakfast Recipes
  • 5 Low Carb/High Protein Lunch Recipes
  • 5 Moderate Carb/Moderate Protein Lunch Recipes
  • 5 Low Carb/High Protein Dinner Recipes
  • 5 Moderate Carb/Moderate Protein Dinner Recipes
  • 5 Low Carb/High Protein Snack Recipes
  • 5 Moderate Carb/Moderate Protein Snack Recipes

You'll get easy to click links so you can jump right to the recipe you want!

What will you eat? Crazy delicious food that fits your macros and that your family loves!

Ready to rock your new Macro Tracking Lifestyle and have your family love it too?

I know you are! Let's do this!

Meg’s Mindset Mantras

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