I’m not gonna sugar-coat it…I haven’t always been this “balanced” in my life.  In fact, I used to be a classic “yo-yo dieter” and had an all or nothing mentality when it came to food and fitness.  I was frustrated because I was ALWAYS “falling off the bandwagon” on the weekends. I took everything SO seriously, and always felt like such a failure when it came to dieting, because I could never stick to anything long-term and felt like I was STUCK in a restrict or binge cycle forever.  I lost count of how many times I’ve said “I’ll start again on Monday.” Nobody should have to experience that. Little did I know it wasn’t really the diet, but my mindset going into it…

(although there were a few REALLY BAD diets in there too…#lemoncayannepepperjuicecleanseanyone?)


In 2011 I started doing at home fitness programs which drastically changed my body, increased my confidence, and truly empowered me to start my business.  In 2016, I incorporated flexible dieting and intermittent fasting into my life and it helped me find that “balance” we all strive for and fit in “fun foods” while still reaching my fitness goals.  Meanwhile, I also started studying the science behind habits and how I could change my mindset around food and stay consistent LONG-TERM once and for all. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight (a few over 90lbs), by focusing on specific habit hacking techniques and by applying mindset development tools. AND they’ve done it all while having FUN.  

I’ve been recently trained by the Co-Active Coach Training Institute (CTI) for Life Coaching and have been able to serve my clients more deeply with these tools and strategies.  

My life and health coaching is for you if you feel STUCK in any area of your life and you’re ready to break through.  You’re not broken, and you don’t need to be “fixed”, and in fact…you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED already inside of you. You just might need some guidance to get it out and start living to your full potential.  If you’re ready to start doing this… I’d love to help you <3

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